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Hero Now Theatre

A Twin Cities collaboration

About Us

Hero Now Theatre is a Twin Cities collaboration with a new vision of what theatre can be.



We aim to tell stories so compelling that you experience something new—an insight, self-understanding, an idea for change—that leads you to respond, to be a hero, now.



Great theatre has a civic purpose: to encourage serious reflection on important issues. We engage audiences with stories about everyday people making extraordinary choices, with a unique atmosphere in nontraditional performance venues, and with thoughtful conversation before and after each performance.



Hero Now Theatre performs many of its plays in nontraditional venues—anything from backyards to tents in snowy fields. We call these “found spaces,” which sometimes become as much a part of the performing space and play as the stage itself.



To us, “hero” means:

  • characters: whose stories we tell;
  • artists: who write, produce, and stage great drama, and
  • patrons: who challenge themselves to experience something new.


After each play, we host activities that allow all our patrons to share their reactions with each other. Butcher paper scribble boards, comic questionnaires, and Tweetups: these and other activities could be part of the mix. If one of our plays moves you to do something in response to your feelings, we want to help you express it, share it with others, and feel good about it.



A program we hope to implement soon, our BOGO will make it possible for you to attend one of our shows and then turn your ticket into a gift to someone you think should see it. Details to be worked out, so stay tuned.


Every hero has a story.
Of a journey, a quest.
An adventure of mind or soul.
Toward an uncertain destination.

Hero Now puts heroes center stage.
Tells their stories.
Of entering the dark wood.
Emerging from darkness.
Of examining themselves in a mirror.
And asking us to do the same.

Telling these stories takes heroes.
Who write, act, design, direct.
Who build the fire where the stories are told.
Not afraid to speak truths to the village.
Truths that sting like flies.

Hero Now is the gathering of villagers.
Those who come to the fire, sit, and are inspired.
Thrill to the tales.
Who endure the stings and stay to the end.

Hero Now brings all center stage.
Roaming, like troubadours,
making any place a stage, we say:

Be a hero. Come to the fire and listen.
To all the stories, familiar or strange.
See what heroes do.
Feel their torment, their triumph.
And bring new faces to the village.
Those who have never sat with us.
Because the world has many stories to be told.
And many that need to be heard.





Hero Now Theatre is now a 501(c)(3) organization. That means your donation is tax deductible! Your contribution will help stage our next production and help make Hero Now Theatre a mainstay in the Twin Cities theatrical scene.


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Make your check out to Hero Now Theatre and send it to 3216 33rd Avenue NE, Minneapolis MN 55418.

If you wish to join the Hamilton Club, please write “Hamilton Club” in the memo line.

Thank you!


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