Actor’s Perspective: Terra Nova

By Vincent Hannam

Vincent-Hannam-web-finalLike the men of Captain Scott’s real-life expedition, when I heard the call for adventure I knew I had to take it.

Terra Nova was absolutely, 100% like nothing I had ever worked on before. The play itself is a riveting adventure drama, but the chance to perform the play outdoors, in January no less, was what really sold me on the idea.

I’m an actor and travel to unfamiliar locations for a living, but always within the (relative) safety of my own imagination. What a rare treat then to be able to bring life to a story set in Antarctica, in probably the closest conditions short of the real deal!

So what was it like doing a play outside in January, in Minnesota? Freakin’ cold!  What do you think? The temperature that weekend was anywhere between 0 and 10, and there was one night where my toes were really being put to the test. As a whole, to be able to feel just a fraction of what my real-life counterpart felt imbued the show with a sense of real poignancy.

It was a smart and bold decision on Hero Now Theatre’s part to take advantage of such an opportunity. The cast, crew and audiences were all in the same boat and that sense of solidarity really contributed to the success of the show. Right from the start, Hero Now Theatre established a reputation for smart, bold, and powerful theatre.