January 2016

January 2016

A Winter Theatre Experience

Hero Now Theatre’s second play was Ted Tally’s Terra Nova, the story of the first British team to reach the South Pole (and who then failed to return). We performed the play in a tent pitched on a bone-cold snowy field in January 2016. We built it, and audiences came!


We also built a 12′ X 12′ raked stage for the performance. See photos on Facebook!


Hero Now Theatre received a good amount of publicity for a company just out of the gate.


“Hero Now Theatre . . . continued to impress with their second production, “Terra Nova.” . . . Hero Now’s performance was barebones, yet immersive. . . . The setting did a lot to add to the atmosphere, and the performances were very strong. It will be interesting to see what Hero Now Theatre comes up with next.” –Northeaster, “Items of Note” (Jan 27, 2016)

Some Facebook Reviews

“Amazing production of Terra Nova. Intense, compelling storytelling that probes the depths of humanity and the power of hope. Wear your snow boots, snow pants, and parka, and prepare for an exceptional night of theatre. This weekend only.”

“‘I’m going to this on Thursday,’ wrote my friend Christina on Facebook. The accompanying picture caught my eye, some extreme weather-garbed Victorian-looking dudes pulling a freight sled on skis in a white-out? That’s a Minnesota activity option that I’ve always been attracted to, especially since following the inspiring Steger expedition of my formative years. How could that be put on stage? After clicking on a ticket reservation, I thought, “well, I’m going,” and then, “oh dear, what have I gotten myself into…?” 

Special Events

Barb Horlbeck, Executive Director of Will Steger’s International Arctic Project, was part of our talkback panel on Saturday night, January 16.


Peter Aitchison—Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Anna Olson—Kathleen Scott
Pete Colburn—Roald Amundsen
Brian Coffin—Oates
Corey DiNardo—Bill Wilson
Vincent Hannam—Birdy (read his comments)
Aaron Ruder—Evans