September 2015

September 2015

Our Inaugural Production

On September 12, 2015, Hero Now Theatre began life with a one-night performance of A Thing of Beauty by Charles Kray. This one-act play, based on real events, concerns a Nazi officer pursuing a Jewish philosopher who converted to Catholicism and entered a convent. If he found her, and she confessed, would he release 19 other nuns on their way to a death camp? What if she didn’t confess outright but in the end changed something in the officer’s heart?


The play, performed in the backyard of two of Hero Now’s founding members, set a tone for our productions: quality performances of serious theatre in non-traditional venues. One audience member said, “I was invited to a backyard play, but what I saw was not a ‘backyard play.'”

Our Audience

Hero Now Theatre invited the people we knew: friends, family, acquaintances from the theatre world—in other words, people who believed in our mission and were excited about it. We had 75 in attendance, announced our intention to stage our second production (Terra Nova) in January 2016, and, with some generous contributions from several, ended the night with the encouragement to proceed with plans.


Vanessa Gamble—Benedicta

Peter Colburn—Colonel

Chari Eckmann—Prioress